Ph.D Course :

Ph.D. COURSE INFORMATION - Purpose and rationale:

Ph.D in Homoeopathy or a Doctorate in Homoeopathy provides the most comprehensive training in homoeopathy.

It is the most advanced level of training and enhancing research skills for homoeopathic physician. 

It focuses on research and develops interdisciplinary approaches to medical practice.

The program enables students to validate the principles of Homoeopathy using knowledge and its application through advance research methodology and advance in modern science.

It enables them to advance their career by expanding their knowledge and experience and ensuring quality patient care through homoeopathy.

 Vision :

MTES’ Dhondumama Sathe homoeopathic Medical College aims at conducting research that contributes to the promotion of values that are foundational to the new ideas in Health Care and Health Science  . It endeavors to nurture critical thinking about concepts and ideas that are central to the well-being of all, to arrive at claims based on reasoning and/or evidence and systematic study of Health Science to develop ideas that are relevant to the reality of India and the world at large. It seeks to twine the normative and the empirical with analytical categories that are self-reflexive even while keeping its doors wide open to ideas, theories and knowledge from all directions and sources

Mission :

  • To evaluate alternative perspectives relevant to Homoeopathic principles and philosophy  on and solutions to Health Science problems and to develop openness to intellectual criticism and ability to approach matters of importance of health care in a constructive manner.
  • To conduct systematic and focused studies on questions that are pertinent to Health Science
  • Train candidates to take up patient care, teaching, research careers and beyond.


The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is awarded to a candidate, who, as per the regulations, has submitted a thesis on the basis of original research work done by him / her in any particular discipline or more than one discipline (Inter disciplinary), that makes a contribution to the advancement of knowledge in Medical Sciences or to innovate methods of application of existing knowledge in Medical Sciences so as to contribute to the betterment of lives of the people and has had the thesis approved by suitably constituted examiners as required. The following departments are recognized by the Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nasik, for conduct of Research leading to award of Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy in Homoeopathy)



Subjects in which the research can be perused

  • Practice Of Medicine
  • Organon of Medicine with Homoeopathic Philosophy
  • Guide of Practice of Medicine

Dr. Maneesha Solanki
Principal and HOD (POM)

  • Guide of Oraganon

Dr. Pradeep Sethiya
Vice Principal and HOD (Organon)


Candidates to be admitted to the Ph.D. Programme under any one of the following categories

  • Regular Full time scholars
  • Part time scholars
    • The candidates those who are working as a teaching faculty in any one of the affiliated teaching institution of Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nasik, are eligible to do their Part- Time Ph.D. Research Programme in this institute.
    • The Doctors who are working in recognized research centers are also eligible to  do their Part- Time Ph.D. Research Programme in this institute.
    • The candidates those who are working as a non faculty member are eligible to do their Full- Time Ph.D. Research Programme in this institute.



                    The maximum duration for submission of Thesis shall be six years, for fulltime and part time Candidates from the date of the approval of the Synopsis.



The Candidate shall have the Post Graduate Degree qualification in the concerned subject of health Sciences or as the allied subject(s) notified by the University, Central Councils (if any).